Import Factoring

We offer services encompassing accounts receivable management, collection, buyer credit control, and under specific conditions, credit risk coverage for Buyers based in Greece regarding receivables arising from sales by international Suppliers


Delegation of the invoice collection process

Undertaking the collection process for receivables issued by international Sellers to domestic Buyers, on behalf of international Export Factors 

Continuous evaluation of buyers' creditworthiness

Continuous assessment of the creditworthiness of assigned buyers by Pancreta Factors, informing the Export Factor of any negative trading behavior or deviation from the agreed credit policy

Undertaking the credit risk

Undertaking of Buyers' credit risk by Pancreta Factors 

Terms & Conditions

  1. Collection
  2. Buyer Credit Control
  3. Credit Risk Cover (under conditions)
  • Management Fee, which is calculated on the value of assigned receivables and refers to the Factor's fee for the management and collection of these receivables

How to purchase it

We hold a meeting to explore the needs of your business
We analyze your company's needs and recommend a Factor to collaborate with your Supplier
We sign the notification letter and activate the cooperation immediately