Terms of Use

These terms of use define the Terms and Conditions that govern the use of the Company's website under the name "PANCRETA FACTORS SINGLE MEMBER S.A." and the distinctive title "PANCRETA FACTORS S.A." (hereinafter "the Company").

Through its website, the Company offers visitors/internet users the opportunity to gain information about the Company, including the products and services it provides. Additionally, visitors have the option to explore and utilize the aforementioned products and services through the platform.

Prior to utilizing the Company's website, we kindly request that visitors/users carefully read the following terms that govern its use.

Using this website implies the unreserved and complete acceptance of the Terms of Use, which are applicable to all its content. In case of disagreement with the Terms of Use, we ask that the visitor/user refrain from further use and leave the website.

Should the use of any service, transaction, or application on the website be governed by more specific terms of use, these terms will coexist with the overarching Terms of Use. In the event of a conflict, the more specific terms of use for each service, transaction, or application will take precedence.

The visitor/user of the Company's website has familiarized themselves with, comprehended, and wholeheartedly accepted the stipulated terms. They acknowledge being bound by these terms each time they visit the website.

Α. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

All website content, including, but not limited to, branding, trademarks, trade names, text, graphics, news, articles, information, data, blueprints, illustrations, photographs, images, videos, product and service names, and descriptions, as well as any other file types (excluding the protected rights of third parties), are the exclusive property of the Company. These are governed by relevant national and international provisions, particularly in the realm of Intellectual and Industrial Property.

Without the prior written permission of the Company, any total or partial modification, publication, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation, or other use of the website content, for commercial or other purposes, is strictly prohibited. However, individual copying, printing, or storage of the aforementioned data for the personal use of the visitor is permitted, provided that it includes a clear and distinct reference to the source of origin and is not used for commercial or other purposes.

It is expressly clarified that under no circumstances it could be considered that with the above, the Company grants the user, in any way, intellectual property rights. All other trademarks, distinctive features and intellectual property products of third parties that may appear on the Company's website are protected under the responsibility of their legal owners.

Β. User Behavior

The use of the Company's website must be exclusively for legal purposes and in a manner that does not impede or hinder its use by third parties. Visitors/users are required to adhere to the rules and provisions of Greek, European, and International Law, as well as the applicable legislation governing telecommunications. It is essential that they refrain from engaging in any illegal or abusive behavior that could adversely affect other visitors/users, potentially causing damage or disruptions to the website and, consequently, to the Company.

Users/visitors are obligated to abstain from any actions that would limit or prevent third parties from using the website. This includes actions with the intent to overload, undermine, alter, or disrupt the website's normal functioning. Additionally, users/visitors must avoid engaging in any generally illegal or abusive behavior when utilizing the Company's website.

If the Company becomes entangled in any dispute or is required to compensate third parties due to the visitor/user's failure to fulfill their obligations, the visitor/user is responsible for providing compensation to the Company in such instances.

C. Linking to Third Party Websites

Through special links (such as links, hyperlinks, banners), visitors/users may be redirected from the Company's website to third-party websites. The content of these websites is the sole responsibility of their respective owners/administrators. The Company neither guarantees their availability nor endorses, nor is responsible for, the content, accuracy, legality, completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of the information. Additionally, the Company is not responsible for the quality and properties of the products or services offered on these websites.

The inclusion of links to other websites is solely for the convenience of visitors/users and does not imply any form of commitment, guarantee, endorsement, or approval by the Company, either for the content or the quality of services provided on those websites. The Company disclaims responsibility for errors or malfunctions on third-party websites, as well as any damages incurred by users accessing and utilizing information, services, and products from these sites.

For inquiries or issues related to the use of third-party websites, visitors/users are advised to contact the administrators of those websites.

D. Liability Limitations

The Company, exerting effort without guarantee and therefore disclaiming any responsibility, endeavors to ensure that the information and overall content of the website adhere to standards of accuracy, completeness, correctness, clarity, timeliness, adequacy, and availability.

Under no circumstances, including negligence, does the Company assume responsibility for errors, omissions, or any deficiencies in the information. This includes delays or interruptions in the transmission of information, or any damages incurred by the visitor/user of the website due to the utilization of the information provided therein.

The information and other data accessible to users through the website, to the extent that they do not pertain to the Company itself, are sourced by the Company from publicly available channels. These details are presented to users solely for informational purposes. None of this information constitutes opinions or reflects the positions of the Company. The Company neither evaluates, assesses, adopts, accepts, nor approves this information.

The content on the website should not be construed as direct or indirect financial, legal, or any other form of advice or recommendation. It does not constitute an offer, proposal, acceptance of a proposal, solicitation, or encouragement to engage in any investment or other transaction, or to enter into any contract that may yield financial results, either with the Company or third parties. The Company assumes no responsibility for how visitors/users utilize the website and emphasizes that individuals are exclusively responsible for the use, assessment, and exploitation of the provided information.

Users bear sole responsibility for making any business or other decisions based on the information presented on the website. The Company is not obligated to indemnify or rectify any losses or discrepancies resulting from the use of information obtained through the website.

E. Website Security

Access to the website is initiated by the visitor/user, who bears sole responsibility for possessing the requisite equipment (e.g., personal computer), software, telecommunications devices, and any necessary services for their website visit. Additionally, the user is responsible for safeguarding their system against malware.

The Company has implemented comprehensive security measures to protect its website from malicious software, employing security systems to regulate access and thwart unauthorized actions.

Nevertheless, the Company cannot guarantee that the website content is entirely free of malware, errors, and other detrimental elements. The Company assumes no responsibility for any loss of data or damage incurred by the user's equipment, software, or files, nor for any harm the user may experience due to the aforementioned factors.

F. Personal Data-Cookies

The handling and safeguarding of the visitor/user's personal data on the Company's website are regulated by these Terms of Use and comply with the stipulations of European and Greek legislation, as outlined in the Personal Data Protection Policy.

Additionally, the Company employs "cookies" on its website for various purposes, intending to establish a more secure and efficient environment for its visitors/users. Further details can be found in the Cookies Policy.

G. Amendments to the Terms of Use

The Company retains the right to alter these Terms of Use and the website's content at any time, with no prior notice to users. The effectiveness of each modification commences upon its publication on the website.

Visitors/users are obligated to regularly review these Terms of Use for potential changes. If they continue using the website after the updated Terms are published, it will be considered as their full acceptance of such modifications.

H. Governing Law – Other Terms

These Terms of Use are governed by Greek Law. Competent courts for their interpretation as well as for the resolution of any dispute arising in relation to them are designated exclusively by the courts of Athens.

In the event that any of these terms of use is deemed contrary to the law, and therefore invalid or voidable, it ceases to be valid without, in any case, affecting the validity and binding nature of the remaining Terms of Use, which will be applied normally.

I. Language

The original and authentic version of the Terms of Use has been made in the Greek language and subsequently translated into English. In case of any discrepancies between the Greek and English versions of the Terms of Use, the Greek version shall take precedence.