Export Factoring Non Recourse

We offer services for the assignment of receivables generated from sales by Suppliers based in Greece to international Buyers, including discounting, accounts receivable management, collection, buyer credit control, and credit risk coverage


Immediate liquidity access

Generate direct cash flow from your business sales, calculated as a percentage of the value of assigned receivables

Delegation of accounts receivable management and monitoring

Outsource the management and monitoring of assigned receivables to Pancreta Factors, significantly reducing your business' operating costs

Delegation of the invoice collection process

Outsource the invoice collection process to correspondent Factors, members of FCI, freeing up your company's resources and improving the speed and efficiency of assigned receivables payment

Continuous evaluation of buyers' creditworthiness

Continuous assessment of the creditworthiness of existing and new buyers by correspondent Factors, members of FCI, informing the Seller of any negative trading behavior or deviation from the agreed credit policy

Undertaking the credit risk

Undertaking of credit risk by Pancreta Factors through correspondent Factors, members of FCI, so that you are protected from the emergence of bad debts from the assigned buyers, and you can focus on the development of your business without hindrance. At the same time, it is possible to improve your company's financial statements, since factoring financing will not appear in its liabilities

Terms & Conditions

  1. Financing
  2. Accounts Receivable Management
  3. Collection
  4. Buyer Credit Control
  5. Credit Risk Cover
  • Management Fee, which is calculated on the value of assigned receivables and refers to the Factor's fee for the management and collection of these receivables
  • Discount Commission, which is calculated on the discounted amount, if funding is used
  • In addition, one-time initiation and annual review of factoring limits or Buyer assessment fees may apply
Funding process
  • You assign the accounts receivables and the supporting documents
  • After processing, funding is available within 24 hours
  • Receive funding according to your needs at your convenience

How to purchase it

We hold a meeting to explore the needs of your business
We analyze both the quantitative and qualitative data of your company's clientele and recommend a cooperation scheme that aligns with your needs
We sign the necessary contractual documents and commence the cooperation immediately